EECS 376: Foundations of Computer Science

The University of Michigan
Fall 2022
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An introduction to Computer Science theory, with applications. Design and analysis of algorithms, including paradigms such as divide-and-conquer and dynamic programming. Fundamentals of computability and complexity -- learn to identify what problems a computer cannot solve at all, what problems are unlikely to be efficiently solvable, and how to apply approximations to such problems. Introduction to randomness in computation, including how algorithms can benefit from randomness and how to analyze randomized algorithms. Applications of computational hardness to cryptography, including specific algorithms that are essential to the internet.

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Welcome to EECS 376, Fall 2022!

We're glad you're here. We are planning for a primarily in-person semester. More details in the syllabus.

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Day # Material and Readings in Notes Deadline Optional Readings*
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Mon 29 Aug L01 Introduction MM: 1, 2-2.2, Sip 7.1
Tue 30 Aug
Wed 31 Aug L02 The Potential Method and Divide and Conquer 1 2 MM: 2.3, 3-3.1, 3.2.1 (Mergesort)
Discussion D01 Review: Proofs, Asymptotic Notation, Information
Mon 5 Sep No Class - Labor Day
Tue 6 Sep
8pm ET
Wed 7 Sep L03 Divide and Conquer 2
Discussion D02 Divide and Conquer
Mon 12 Sep L04 Dynamic Programming MM: 3.3-3.4
Tue 13 Sep
8pm ET
Wed 14 Sep L05 Dynamic Programming 2 and Greedy Algorithms MM: 3.5
Discussion D03 Dynamic Programming and Greedy
Mon 19 Sep L06 Formal Languages and Finite Automata 1 2 Sip: 0.1, 1.1, 1.3
Tue 20 Sep
8pm ET
Wed 21 Sep L07 Turing Machines and Decidability Sip: 3.1, 3.2
Discussion D04 Finite Automata and Turing Machines
Mon 26 Sep L08 Diagonalization Sip: 4.2
Tue 27 Sep
8pm ET
Wed 28 Sep L09 The Acceptance and Halting Problems Sip: 5.1, 5.3
Discussion D05 Diagonalization and Acceptance
Mon 3 Oct L10 Reducibility Sip: 5.2
Tue 4 Oct
8pm ET
Wed 5 Oct L11 Recognizability
Discussion D06 Reducibility and Undecidability
Mon 10 Oct L12 Rice's Theorem
Tue 11 Oct
8pm ET
Wed 12 Oct L13 Midterm Review
Discussion DMR Midterm Review
Mon 17 Oct No Class - Fall Break
Tue 18 Oct
Wed 19 Oct Midterm
7pm ET
Discussion No Class - Midterm
Mon 24 Oct L14 The Classes P and NP Sip: 7.2, 7.3
Tue 25 Oct
Wed 26 Oct L15 The Cook-Levin Theorem Sip: 7.4
Discussion D07 NP Overview
Mon 31 Oct L16 Reductions and NP-Completeness Sip: 7.5
Tue 1 Nov
8pm ET
Wed 2 Nov L17 NP-Complete Problems 2
Discussion D08 NP-Completeness
Mon 7 Nov L18 Search and Approximation Algorithms Sip: 10.1
Tue 8 Nov
8pm ET
Wed 9 Nov L19 Approximation Algorithms 2
Discussion D09 Search and Approximation
Randomness in Computation
Mon 14 Nov L20 Probability, Randomness in Computation
Tue 15 Nov
8pm ET
Wed 16 Nov L21 Randomness in Computation 2
Discussion D10 Randomness and Modular Arithmetic Review
Mon 21 Nov L22 Concentration Bounds
Tue 22 Nov
Wed 23 Nov No Class - Thanksgiving
Discussion No Class - Thanksgiving
Mon 28 Nov L23 One-time Pad, Diffie-Hellman, and Discrete Logarithm 1 2 Sip: 10.6
Tue 29 Nov
8pm ET
Wed 30 Nov L24 RSA and Factoring
Discussion D11 Fast Modular Exponentiation, Diffie-Hellman, and RSA
Special Topics
Mon 5 Dec Special Topics (Untested Material)
Tue 6 Dec
8pm ET
Final Exam
Wed 7 Dec L25 Wrap-up
Discussion D12 Final Review
Wed 14 Dec Final Exam
7pm ET
MM: The Nature of Computation by Cris Moore and Stephan Mertens, available online
Sip: Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser, 2nd or 3rd edition


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